I am grateful to all my clients and employers. It would have not been possible without you.


"Hugo is an amazing professional that always goes the extra mile. His work ethic is impeccable and he commits 100%.

I have known and worked with Hugo for over 20 years and I can say he is an asset on every job.

The stories we produced and filmed in South Africa for CGTN were simply amazing.

I look forward to working with Hugo in the near future."

Julie Scheier, CGTN Senior Correspondent

"The way Hugo gets involved in a project allows the team work to be creative.

He goes far beyond the frame of a relationship between Customer/Supplier which is pivotal to achieve excellence.

He is always available and searching for creative solutions that result in an outcome that goes beyond any expectations.

He allowed me to have a true partnership in Tv projects, such as graphic and film projects having both a times."

Saul Sousa e Silva, Executive Producer at TVI

“I worked with Hugo in many projects for different customers which allowed me to get a real idea of how versatile he is"

He is pretty creative , proactive and dynamic as he keeps excellent relationships with his customers.”

Maria do Céu Trigo, Account Manager at Visuals

"Hugo Gomes is very committed and enthusiastic. His performance is top and his sense of aesthetics is quite unique.

He masters all areas of audiovisual in a creative and versatile way, causing a sense of envy to rise in the other professionals,

since he really is someone to look up to and above it all, a sense of trustworthiness in his customers. 

All the works are thought to the smallest detail and no work is completed until there is a sense of satisfaction

in all who are involved in it. He is undoubtedly one of the best professionals in this country with an enviable track record."

Carla Santos, Managing Partner at Brandchoice

“One of the most difficult things to get in life is to work next to people whom we like, people we really like for their human traits and who are exceedingly talented. Hugo Gomes means all this I have just mentioned. He is talent, working capacity and boldness to never turn his back on a project he really believes in. This is the man I know who has turned into a friend over the years and he breathes out art in the way he looks through the lens”. 

Pedro Madeira - Singer and Composer 

If you want the best outcome for your work, you have to choose the best to accomplish it... That's what I did, I chose Hugo Gomes. He is dedicated, he takes any detail seriously, demandanding of himself the maximum of concentration on what he is working on... He is the best!

Tahina Rahary, Composer

Hugo knows what he is doing! Dedicated and a true professional. Hope to work with him in the near future.

Thomas Scheier, Senior Photographer & Producer 

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